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Story of Sati Mata Jiuni Ji

Near Ghagar river village Jhajo, Tehsil Rajpura District, Patiala (old). Most of the people of this village were dependent on farming. Rest of people were doing their family business. In that village there was a person living, named "Ichha". He belonged to Vishavkarma family, and his cast was "Mathadu". He belonged to Vishavkarma family so, that’s why villagers came to him to mend their tools. By nature he was a nice and a friendly person. He always met people with happiness and love. Villagers always respect him. He owned a small piece of land too. Except mending tools he used to do farming too, because of that his family was surviving good. His wife was also an honest and a good person. Whenever any one come to her house to mend his cart, she never let them go without drinking lassi. Because of this behaviour of that family, all people respect them a lot. After a long time she gave a birth to a girl, they put her name "Jeuni(which means who never dies)". From birth that girl has a spiritual shine on her face. Her parents never thought of that one day their daughter will be immortal. This spiritual shining girl showed many miracles during playing with kids in her childhood while playing with other kids. But her parents never noticed her miracles. They got a black dog, they named him "Kallu". She played with Kallu. Her father always take care of her everything. According to old tradition and customs, there were custom of child marriage. When she was seven years old, her parents engaged her with a boy named "Ugaliyar Lal". He belongs to "Daffu" family, they were living in Bhudanpur village.